Wedding Gifts For The ParentsWhen a wedding takes place, it is not only a joyous occasion for the bride and the groom, but also for their parents, who have nothing but the best interests of their children in their hearts. Therefore, it is the duty of both the bride and groom to show their love, respect and gratitude for their parents, by giving them some unique gifts on this special occasion, to remind them of their children’s love.

Here are a few suggestions about wedding gifts for the parents of the bride and groom, which will enhance their happiness even more.

Monogrammed handkerchief – A lace-bordered handkerchief can serve as wedding gifts, where the names of their children can be written through colorful embroideries on the cloth. A note of thanks can also be embroidered with unique designs.

Unusual piece of ornament – The parents of the bride or groom can be pleased with a necklace and a cufflink or simply two rings with the initials of their names carved in there, to show their significance in the life of their children.

A unique bouquet with a special memento – A bouquet with the favorite flowers of the parents can be gifted to them; the handle of the bouquet may be wrapped with a silk cloth of the color of the Mom’s wedding gown and also a small wedding photo of the parents can be attached to the handle of this bouquet, to show the love of their child for them.

The favorite cocktail or ice-cream of the parents – If the parents have any special choice of cocktail or a favorite flavor of ice cream, that specific cocktail or ice cream can be included in the menu of the wedding party, to show the parents how much their children value their choices.

Arrangement of a special recreation for the parents – As the parents feel lonely after all those busy days of planning for their child’s wedding, they can be gifted with at least a day and night stay in any holiday resort, to enjoy and rejuvenate themselves there.
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Personalized book with all their favorite memories – A special book can be gifted to the parents, which will contain all the photographs of the bride or groom with their parents and some common favorite poems or stories that were read by the parents with their child earlier, along with many other sweet memories of the moments spend together by the bride or the groom, with their respective parents.

Special customized cushion cover – The parents of the bride and groom can be gifted with beautiful silk or satin cushion covers, on which a handwritten note of thanks to Mummy and Daddy can be imprinted. Sometimes, the imprint of a family tree with the inclusion of the new bride or the groom, on the cushion cover is a very good idea.

Digital photo frame – A latest model of digital photo frame with all the wedding photos of the new couple can be given as wedding gifts for the parents of both the bride and groom, and this photo frame can also be provided with a WiFi Cloud connection that will enable the new couple to add more photos to these photo frames later on, from their own place.

A special wedding album of their children’s wedding day – When all the wedding photos are printed, these photographs can be arranged in a costly leather-backed or silk-covered photo album and presented to the parents of both the bride and groom, so that they can recall all those special moments of their children and feel happy about it.

The Perfect Wedding Gifts For The Parents

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